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Liv Haselbach, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of
Center for Resiliency

Liv Haselbach, Ph.D.

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Learning Module Series

Welcome to the LCA Learning Module Series.

This is a series of LCA learning modules in PowerPoint. The modules will be uploaded as they are developed or updated. They are intended to be used for personal education, short background workshops or as components for more detailed classes.

The following is a listing of the groups that the different modules will be placed in.

As can be seen by the listing some of the modules are for more general knowledge (overview modules), while some are more detailed.

  • Group A: ISO Compliant LCA Overview Modules
  • Group α: ISO Compliant LCA Detailed Modules
  • Group B: Environmental Impact Categories Overview Modules
  • Group β: Environmental Impact Categories Detailed Modules
  • Group G: General LCA Tools Overview Modules
  • Group γ: General LCA Tools Detailed Modules
  • Group T: Transportation-Related LCA Overview Modules
  • Group τ: Transportation-Related LCA Detailed Modules

The following are the modules currently available and links to them:

Group A

  • Module A1 - Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment and ISO 14040 (February 2015)
  • Module A2 - LCA Requirements and Guidelines: ISO 14044 (February 2015)

Group α

  • Module α1 - Goal, Function, and Functional Unit (February 2015)
  • Module α2 - System, System Boundary, and Allocation (February 2015)
  • Module α3 - Life Cycle Stages (April 2015)
  • Module α4 - LCIA Optional Elements: Grouping, Weighing, and Normalization (November 2015)
  • Module α5 - Data Types and Sources (December 2015)
  • Module α6 - Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) (December 2015)
  • Module α7 - Feedstock Energy and Carbon Accounting for Asphalt and Other Materials (November 2017)

Group B

  • Module B1 - Introduction to Impact Categories (April 2015)
  • Module B2 - Common Air Emissions Impact Categories (March 2015)
  • Module B3 - Other Common Emissions Impact Categories (March 2015)

Group β

  • Module β1 - Global Warming Potential (December 2015)
  • Module β2 - Acidification Potential (September 2015)
  • Module β3 - Ozone Depletion Potential (September 2015)
  • Module β4 - Smog Creation Potential (September 2015)
  • Module β5 - Eutrophication Potential (September 2015)
  • Module β6 - Human Toxicity and Ecotoxicity Potential (October 2015)
  • Module β7 – Human Health Particulate Matter (September 2015)
  • Module β8 – Resource-Based and Other Impact Categories (February 2018)
  • Module β9 – Impact Assessment Methodologies (October 2015)
  • Module β10 - Particulate Matter and Effects on GWP (November 2017)

Group G

  • Module G1 - General Paid LCA Software Tools (February 2015)
  • Module G2 - General Free LCA Software Tools (March 2015)
  • Module G3 - Transportation LCA Software Tools (October 2015)

Group γ

  • Module γ1 - EIO-LCA Tutorial and Links to GaBi Tutorials (October 2015)
  • Module γ2 - Building LCA Software Tutorial (October 2015)

Group T

  • Module T1 - Introduction to Transportation LCA and Literature Review (December 2015)

Group τ

  • Module τ1 - Functional Units in Transportation LCA (January 2018)
  • Module τ2 - Agency and Hybrid Normalization (November 2017)
  • Module τ3 – GREET Tutorial (November 2015)
  • Module τ4 – Athena Impact Estimator for Highways (October 2015)
  • Module τ5 - Case Study - Washington State Ferries Oil Filtration (November 2017)
  • Module τ6 - Asphalt Recycling (November 2017)
  • Module τ7 - Concrete Recycling (March 2018)
  • Module τ8 - Stabilization of Dredged Material for Beneficial Uses: A Transportation Challenge (November 2017)
  • Module τ9 - Impact of Deicers on Transportation Systems (April 2018)

Directions for Use

  • The modules are in PowerPoint format with narration and will automatically play the audio and advance slides when put in presentation mode.
  • One can pause by leaving presentation mode (press esc, or right click and pause or end show) and re-enter at the start of any slide.
  • Overview modules contain a self-assessment quiz at the end of the presentation that you can optionally take at your own pace by forwarding the slides. Correct answers are provided.
  • Detailed modules provide a few suggestions for homework or further study at the end of the slideshow.
  • If audio is playing before opening the file or playing over the top of the presentation, you may have the preview pane turned on in Windows. If you disable the preview pane this issue will be corrected, or you can simply start the slide show, wait for the first audio bit to complete, and the presentation will continue correctly.

For more information, suggestions or comments, please contact Liv Haselbach at or Sila Temizel-Sekeryan at

The authors are grateful for support from the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold Climates (CESTiCC), Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington State University, Fulbright, Lamar University, National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) Research & Education Foundation.