Graduate Programs

Advanced training in civil and environmental engineering opens up additional job possibilities and allows you to take on challenging projects. Our masters and doctoral programs are designed to:

  • Enhance your expertise in civil and environmental engineering
  • Train you on new tools and technologies
  • Add additional subject matter knowledge

Industry surveys consistently indicate that engineers with advanced degrees make much more over their lifetime than those with a bachelor's degree, and many civil engineers do end up getting an advanced degree over the course of their career.

Our programs are designed to provide holistic understanding of the fields and help you make connections between civil engineering subdisciplines. Our curriculum is structured with this systems approach in mind, preparing well-rounded civil engineers with skills in emerging areas like modeling, data science and sensors.


Graduate Degree Programs

Lamar University's College of Engineering offers four graduate degree options:

Master of Engineering →

Non-thesis, 30-semester-hour program designed to suit the needs of the practicing engineer.

Master of Engineering Science →

A thesis-option program that prepares you to independently develop solutions in your discipline. 

Master of Science →

Choose from tracks in environmental engineering or environmental studies.

Doctor of Engineering →

Preparing engineers to study complex problems and develop solutions that address pressing issues.

Choosing a Master's Program

What Are My Options?

We offer three master's degrees in civil or environmental engineering plus a master's in environmental studies.

Civil or environmental engineering programs generally admit students who've earned bachelor's degrees in engineering. The environmental studies program admits students from engineering and non-engineering backrounds.

Both the Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Science programs focus on coursework. The latter requires a thesis.

The Master of Science programs prepare students to conduct research. Students can choose whether or not to write a thesis are part of their program.

Should I Write a Thesis?

A thesis demonstrates your writing skills and your aptitude for performing advanced and independent work. It can be useful not just for students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree but also for those interested in working in industry. 

A non-thesis, coursework-only option is suited for students interested in obtaining additional training in civil engineering, environmental engineering, or environmental studies.

Doctor of Engineering

Lamar University is one of just two Texas universities to offer a Doctor of Engineering (D.E.) with a Civil and Environmental Engineering emphasis.

The doctoral program focuses on developing leaders in industry and academia with a bent on applied research. The program allows students to solve complex societal problems facing humankind and the environment. 

A Doctor of Engineering is a professional doctorate degree considered equivalent to a Ph.D. degree. D.E. programs focus on applied research.

Funding Your Graduate Education

Our faculty are active researchers who routinely conduct research projects funded through federal, state and local agencies. Active sponsors include the federal Department of Energy, US Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Sea Grant. Other local agencies and industry partners include the Sabine-Neches Navigation District; Port of Houston, Port of Beaumont and other industry partners. These projects help students conduct research that is relevant to the industry. 

The department provides several forms of support for graduate students including:

  • Scholarships
  • Teaching assistantships
  • Research assistantships

Graduate assistant (graders and tutors) positions also are available. In addition to monthly stipends, doctoral students are eligible to receive tuition waivers. Master's students often receive out-of-state tuition waivers upon receipt of competitive scholarships.

All scholarships and assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. Funding decisions are made only upon acceptance to the program.

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