Research Projects


Development of Methods for Investigating Pervious Concrete Resistance to Calcium and Magnesium Chloride Deicers

pervious concreteDr. Haselbach's project examines pervious concrete pavement, a highly permeable form of concrete allowing stormwater to permeate the surface layer to an underground aggregate storage bed and be detained and/or infiltrated into the soil beneath.

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Proactive Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination for Congestion Mitigation on Arterial Roads

vehicle control system

Dr. Wu's project involves a proactive signal control system was developed to maximize the network performance and minimize road congestion in the vicinities of intersections.

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Analysis of Utility Factor of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Using Longitudinal GPS Data with Spatial Information

hybrid vehicle average testDr. Wu's project estimated the utility factor (UF) of plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), using spatial, longitudinal travel data of 415 vehicles over 3-18 months in the Seattle metropolitan area, and compared the results with those from the existing research based on the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data.

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