Reaud Honors College Guidebook

Reaud Honors College Guidebook Cover


The Reaud Honors College Experience: A Guidebook 

Welcome, scholars!

At the Reaud Honors College, our staff and the faculty who teach our courses are dedicated to your academic success, working collaboratively on an Honors Experience meant to challenge you and enable you to make the most of your abilities and talents.

This comprehensive guidebook is a useful starting point for students to learn about the resources and opportunities available in the Reaud Honors College at Lamar University, which enable Honors students to make the most out of their undergraduate collegiate experience. The guidebook also describes the values shared by our Honors community, and includes the academic principles and disciplinary procedures that apply to all members of the Reaud Honors College.

Whether you are an incoming freshman, a transfer student or a continuing student here at Lamar University who would like to enhance your degree with the recognition that you graduated from Lamar University with Honors, the Reaud Honors College hopes this guidebook serves as a helpful introduction to our College and as an essential reference for you to consult throughout your Honors collegiate career.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Dean and staff should you have any questions about the College’s policies and any suggestions to offer that may improve the Reaud Honors College Experience. We take great pride and pleasure in helping Lamar University’s high-achieving students find success as part of our Reaud Honors College community, and we are here to serve you.