Internships, Shadowing and Co-Op Programs

Be better positioned to acknowledge the challenges ahead in your prospective career through experiential learning in a work setting. 

Apply in the workplace what you have learned in the classroom through on-the-job work experience that allows you to expand your worldview of critical issues in your field and connect with organizations and individuals who will help you redefine career priorities. The skill sets associated with this experiential learning opportunity include:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  • Adaptability
  • Verbal Communication


Internships, job shadowing and co-operative education programs provide students with experiential learning in a work setting usually related to their career interests. 

To earn your H.I.E.P., internships and co-operative education programs generally last at least one semester. Job shadowing must be at least 40 hours or more.

Honors students who are interested in internships, job shadowing and co-op programs should consult their respective department or college and Lamar’s Center for Career and Professional Development

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