Honor Code

Reaud Honors College

As a member of the Reaud Honors College community of Lamar University, I pledge myself to uphold the high standards of academic and personal integrity expected of this collection of scholars including, but not limited to, the following:

  • I will not engage in academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism, lying, cheating or stealing. (This list is only representative of incidents of academic dishonesty and should not be considered exhaustive.)
  • I will neither encourage nor condone any act of academic dishonesty.
  • I will avoid conduct that would bring dishonor to myself, to the Reaud Honors College or to Lamar University.
  • I will abide by Lamar University's Academic Policies

I submit myself to the discretion of the Reaud Honors College dean and honors council regarding any decisions pertaining to my continuation in the college should I fail to uphold the above commitment.

Violation of the Honor Code: Any action that violates a provision of the honor code will be grounds for dismissal. If the student appeals the decision in writing, within 30 days of formal notification of suspension, the University Honors Council will hold a hearing to decide the matter. The President or designated representative of the Honors Student Association will participate as a member of the hearing body in the review of the suspension. The decision of the honors council is final. Failure to appeal the suspension will be treated as an acceptance of the charge and will result in removal from the college.  

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