Honors Student Association

Giving students a voice to improve their academic and cultural life at Lamar University, the Honors Student Association is a platform for Reaud Honors student leaders to collaborate on creative ideas they can implement that will foster bonds within the Honors community.

Your insights as student leaders will help the Reaud Honors College update current initiatives as well as develop innovations that anticipate and meet your educational needs and those of future generations.

As a student-led organization, HSA seeks to provide experiences that promote the growth and development of Reaud Honors College students as they pursue their professional dreams during their time at Lamar University, while also creating fun activities that encourage their peers to live a well-balanced life and make lifelong connections.

Join in the fun and become a member of HSA today!  



Ease from high school life into university life.

Honors students provide immediate connection by offering encouragement, guidance and support to incoming freshmen. 

HSA Intramurals


Channel your emotional highs and lows into a stress-relieving experience that’s positive and constructive.

Staying physically active gives you a great study break, helps improve your overall mood, and allows you to build camaraderie with Honors peers. 

HSA Social Events


Make lifelong friends with other high-achieving students and benefit from their experiences to improve your college career. 

HSA organizes creative social gatherings to bring you fun and variety so you will be inspired and rejuvenated for your studies.

HSA Service


Focusing your time and attention on someone else’s needs sets a foundation for leadership ability and reflects quality of character.

HSA provides opportunities for you to become actively engaged with volunteer activities both on campus and throughout the Southeast Texas community.


Expand your interests and have fun while saving money.

HSA supports other campus organizations by going on group outings to attend lectures, performances and multicultural events.

HSA Community Engagement

Network with others and gain career advice and guidance while developing interpersonal communication skills.

HSA connects current Honors students with alumni and community members to foster meaningful relationships.