Admissions and Requirements

Welcome, Presidential Scholars and SETX Legends Scholars!

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Reaud Fellow, a unique opportunity offered at Lamar University that will allow you to participate in a creative and advanced interdisciplinary learning experience. As part of a collaborative cohort, you will explore innovative ideas, develop critical and analytical problem-solving skills, and join your peers in “deeper thinking” discussions in all your Minor in Honors Studies courses.

Your roadmap for success starts here, where you can learn about admissions criteria and requirements for all Reaud Fellows.

Admissions Criteria

  • Must declare Minor in Honors Studies;
  • Participate in the Reaud Leadership Institute (RLI);
  • Qualifying scores: SAT: 1260 or ACT: 27 AND either GPA: 3.9 or Top 10% of high school class; and,
  • Current students maintain a 3.5 GPA.
RLI Study Group3

Reaud Fellows Requirements

  • Declare Minor in Honors Studies (19 credit hours)
  • Take HNRS 101 – Honors Leadership Community (0 credit hours)
  • Take HNRS 2160 Honors Scholars Development Seminar (1 credit hour) – part of institute
  • Accrue 40 Honors Experiences over 4 years (cultural, intellectual, service, etc.)
  • Complete 1 High Impact Educational Practice – research, internship, thesis, capstone
  • Stepping Up Civic Leadership (3 hours non-course credit) – part of institute
  • Participate in Honors Scholars Day/Capstone Project Presentations - part of institute
  • Participate in the Presidential Scholars/SETX Legends Scholars Banquets - part of institute
  • Graduate as a Reaud Honors Scholar (26 credit hours)
  • Graduates will be invited to participate in the Alumni Mentor Program (AMP)
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