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You + Me

Make friends
Build bonds
Embrace collaborative learning

Reaud Honors students who engage in campus life have better grades, regard themselves with a higher self-concept, live healthier lifestyles, learn essential life skills, discover passions by exploring interests, and encounter different points of view that broaden their understanding of the world. 

Get engaged with your community of students, faculty and staff by participating in activities and events organized by the Reaud Honors College and by the student-led Honors Student Association. Building trust and contributing collaboratively with your honors peers will help you master the art of relationships, one of the key drivers of success in careers. Most important, developing positive bonds will make you happier, both professionally and personally. 

By bringing together high-achieving students from all of Lamar University's academic colleges, the Reaud Honors College seeks to create a model of open-minded working environments that foster collaboration and continuous professional development. First, you + me must connect.

Find opportunities for fulfillment and joy at RHC—we want you to feel seen, heard and valued!!!



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