Transfer Students

Earn the Distinction

Reaud Honors College Graduates set themselves apart from the crowd.  They complete 26 hours of Honors credits, or 23 hours with the Honors Thesis, while maintaining at least a 3.4 grade point average and active involvement in the Reaud Honors College, Lamar University and the community.  Honors graduates also participate in one of the four following high impact educational practices: study abroad, undergraduate research and creative activity, internships/co-op programs, or service learning.  The achievement of Reaud Honors College Graduate status is noted at commencement and affixed to the student’s diploma and official university transcript.  Graduates are awarded the Reaud Honors College medallion to wear with their robes at commencement.

Honors Curriculum

Reaud Honors College students can take all of Lamar University’s required core curriculum as Honors classes. In their majors, they take Independent Study classes or complete Honors Contracts to earn Honors credit for classes that are part of their major degree plans.  The Reaud Honors College also offers a unique set of courses that are available only to Honors students.  Honors Seminars and Honors Topics courses are taught by distinguished Lamar faculty on an ever-changing array of diverse subjects.  Honors students are also able to register early in order to get into those courses they need. 

Honors Scholarships

Reaud Honors College students benefit from significant scholarship resources, and transfer students receive full consideration for those scholarships.  The Reaud Honors College awards the McMaster Honors Scholarships and Tom Jones Memorial Scholarships.  The priority deadline for McMaster Scholarships is February 1.  The College also provides scholarships for study abroad and grants to support student research and creative activity.

Additionally, Lamar University offers Transfer Excellence Scholarships to outstanding transfer students with at least 30 semester credit hours of academic course work and a 3.6 cumulative grade point average.  These are valued at $4,000.00 per academic year, with $2,000 for tuition and $2,000 for a Cardinal Village residence hall room.  The residence hall room award is optional for those who wish to live off-campus. Transfer Excellence Scholarships are renewable for a total of three years ($12,000.00) or until the completion of a baccalaureate degree program.    For Fall consideration, admissions and completed scholarship applications must be received by May 30.  For Spring consideration, the deadline is November 30.

Transfer scholarships are offered through Lamar University's MyScholarships portal. Find more information at:

Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association provides Honors students their own vehicle for organizing events and service projects and getting involved in campus life.  The HSA meets monthly, and its elected officers serve as the official student advisory board to the Dean of the Reaud Honors College.  The HAS regularly wins awards as one of the foremost student organizations on campus.

Honors FAQ’s for Transfer Students

Who is eligible for the Reaud Honors College?

To be eligible for admission into the Reaud Honors College, you must have a GPA of at least 3.6 from your current institution.

Can I really complete my Lamar degree as a Reaud Honors College Graduate?

Yes, you can!  Our basic requirements for Reaud Honors College Graduate status are:  23 hours of Honors with the Honors Thesis or 26 hours of Honors credits without a thesis.   In addition. There is a requirement for "Honor Points" and one high impact educational practice.  Your transcript will be evaluated by the Dean and up to 12 hours of Honors course credits may be awarded.  You can also earn “non-course credits” while at the Reaud Honors College.  Further, your undergraduate resume will be evaluated by the Dean in order to allocate "Honor Points" for service, leadership, cultural events, and academic achievement during your years of study at your current institution. 

Is there Honors housing available?

Yes.  Honors students have their own wing, Scholars Tower, in Campbell Residence Hall.

How do I apply?

Application to the Reaud Honors College is easy.  Apply to Lamar University at APPLYTEXAS.ORG. See other requirements for transfer students at  After you are accepted, just use your Lamar University credentials to apply to the Reaud Honors College online.