Honors Advising

The Reaud Honors College is committed to providing you with a welcoming and supportive environment and honors advising is an important part of that commitment. 

Plan for the Achievement

Honors advising sessions focus on your entire collegiate experience and your aspirations after graduation from Lamar University. Through advising, you will develop a plan for achieving Reaud Honors College graduate status, which helps the college to track your progress toward that goal. The advising process enables you to explore, refine and develop your personal goals and assists you in engaging with realistic opportunities in your academic and professional life.

Active and Prepared

Advising is most effective when you are active and prepared. Prior to each advising session, you should review relevant materials and formulate questions regarding any issues which require clarification. Since the college often communicates significant information by email, you should check your LU email on a daily basis and take appropriate action in response.

Honors Advising RHC Students


Annual Honors Advising

In addition to advising with the Undergraduate Advising Center during your first two years and your department during your junior and senior years, all honors students are expected to meet for advising with the Reaud Honors College at least once every year. Failure to do so may lead you off track in fulfilling your plan to stand out as one of our distinguished scholars. 

During your first year, you will also meet the Reaud Honors College dean and team at First-Year Honors Orientation. Near the end of your final semester at LU, Reaud Honors College graduates will have the opportunity to chat with the dean in an exit interview.

You are always welcome and encouraged to contact the college outside of advising if you have questions concerning your Reaud honors journey.

Your Graduation Counselor

Reach out to your honors graduation counselor Ms. Imelda Tristan if you have any questions or need further information: itristan@lamar.edu

Good Standing

Your honors graduation counselor reviews your status every fall/spring semester to confirm continued eligibility.

Every student's academic experience is different. We highly recommend you meet with our honors advisor every semester in order to ensure you are on track to graduate from the Reaud Honors College, especially if you enroll in Lamar University with dual/transfer credits. Please note: Enrolling in at least one honors class per semester may not be enough to stay on track to graduate from the Reaud Honors College. 

To be considered in good standing, you must:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher (unless arrived prior to Fall 2023, then 3.4 GPA) 
  • Enroll in at least one honors class each fall/spring semester (advising appointment recommended)
  • Complete Honors Leadership Community

Exceptions to honors enrollment requirement:

  • You have accumulated enough honors credits to be a Reaud Honors College Graduate
  • You have sufficiently advanced toward honors graduate status

Either enrollment scenario must be approved by your honors graduation counselor, who will confer with the honors dean. You are also welcome to discuss your situation directly with the honors dean.

Honors Probation

We understand that students may encounter obstacles in their academic journey, and we are here to support you by offering you the opportunity to correct whatever issue may be impeding your success.

If your GPA is between 3.0 and 3.5, you will be placed on honors probation for one semester.

If, after the probationary semester, you are still below a 3.5 cumulative GPA, you will be removed from the Honors College. 

Any student whose GPA falls below a 3.0 will be automatically removed from the Honors College without a probationary period. 

You will be notified by email of any status change.

While on honors probation, you may take only:

  • One honors course per semester

And are excluded from:

  • McMaster grants/scholarships
  • Honors Contracts
  • Honors Independent Study or Thesis
  • Honors Student Association Candidacy

Students have successfully gotten back on track. Whatever the outcome, we want you to take the steps that are best for you and your academic journey at Lamar University.


GPA: Being part of the Reaud Honors community goes beyond GPA, as our students take their undergraduate experience to the next level. As such, we automatically remove students whose GPA falls below 3.0 from the honors college so they can focus on academics. 

Non-Participation in Honors Classes: Failure to enroll in honors classes for two consecutive semesters in fall/spring without approval of the honors dean, by way of the honors graduation counselor, may result in removal from the Reaud Honors College. Students in this category will be sent an email informing them of their status.

Violation of the Honor Code: Any action that violates a provision of the honor code will be grounds for dismissal. If the student appeals the decision in writing, within 30 days of formal notification of suspension, the University Honors Council will hold a hearing to decide the matter. The President or designated representative of the Honors Student Association will participate as a member of the hearing body in the review of the suspension. The decision of the honors council is final. Failure to appeal the suspension will be treated as an acceptance of the charge and will result in removal from the college.  

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