Be an HSA Leader

Which HSA leadership role best fits you?

As an elected student official, you will have the power to effect change in the Reaud Honors College. This rare opportunity will encourage you to develop your leadership skills so that you are better able to positively influence the culture and environment that surrounds you wherever your path takes you next in life. 

Your experience as an HSA leader will create memories of how you helped shape the honors student experience in purposeful and meaningful ways that value and advance the mission of the Reaud Honors College. 

Sharing your voice and insights, and those of your peers, will guide your Reaud Honors College team while we collaboratively create student-centered innovations that offer growth potential, thought leadership and campus support to boost our honors Cardinal community to new heights of creativity and authenticity.

Find out which HSA leadership role may be a good fit for you.


Your Reaud Honors College Community 
HSA Be a Boss Reaud Honors College





You are a good communicator who capitalizes on your self-confidence to inspire others, who grows your humility by sharing your success with others and accepting your shortcomings and who encourages your fellow leaders through your resiliency to learn and grow from any experience where the committee may fall short of reaching a goal or could have made a better decision. Your time management skills and sense of structure will help the committee effectively utilize its time and stay organized while you work collaboratively to develop and implement innovations that promote the growth and development of Reaud Honors College students.  

Position Duties  

  • Represents the association in its dealings with the dean of the Reaud Honors College, the honors council, Lamar University and the community at large
  • Presides over meetings of the Honors Student Association and of the HSA Executive Committee
  • Prepares agendas for all meetings in consultation with the dean
  • Appoints chairpersons to lead special committees as needed
  • Presents appointments to initially vacant positions or to fill vacancies that occur during his/her term
  • Performs additional duties as described in the bylaws 




A chief promoter of individuals from all walks of life, you demonstrate enthusiasm for the Reaud Honors College and its students, faculty and staff and you cultivate sensitivity and interest in the honors student body’s diversity by intentionally pursuing ways to make honors students feel welcomed, heard and valued. Your in-depth knowledge of Lamar University and its resources helps you address honors student concerns and requests, in consult with the HSA president and executive committee, in ways that advance inclusivity.  
Position Duties

  • Handles publicity for HSA events 
  • Acts as parliamentarian at all HSA meetings
  • Assists the president where necessary in representing HSA to the dean of the Reaud Honors College, the honors council, Lamar University and the community at large 
  • Performs the duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Approves all appointments of the president of the association by a simple majority of the members present
  • Performs additional duties as described in the bylaws 
  • In the event that the president is unable to fulfill the duties of his/her office for whatever cause, the vice president shall assume the office of the president temporarily until a new president can be elected as prescribed in the bylaws 




Highly trustworthy, conscientious and impartial, you have an orderly mind, an eye for detail and enough experience with financial control and budgeting that you feel comfortable working with figures and can make it easy for your successor to take over by keeping clear records. You exhibit effective leadership through collaboration by disseminating and articulating HSA’s financial status and meeting minutes to members. By ensuring all funds are used responsibly, you give HSA and its members freedom to pursue achievable goals.  
Position Duties

  • Maintains an accurate accounting of all HSA financial transactions 
  • Keeps accurate attendance records and minutes for all meetings of the HSA and the HSA’s exeutive committee and presents those minutes for approval at the subsequent meeting 
  • Presents a current financial report at all meetings of the HSA executive committee
  • Provides all details for HSA events and news for the monthly Reaud Honors College newsletter during the academic year 
  • Oversees HSA’s student club account at the Office of Student Organizations 
  • Coordinates fundraising activities for HSA 
  • Handles HSA correspondence as required 
  • Approves all appointments of the president of the association by a simple majority of the members present
  • Performs additional duties as described in the bylaws 




An authentic communicator who expresses yourself sincerely and with empathy, you have a welcoming spirit and cheerful attitude that will help you gather current honors students willing to share their guidance and experience with freshmen honors students as they navigate campus life and discover opportunities offered to them as Reaud Honors College students. Your supportive nature and strong organizational skills will provide the framework to facilitate peer mentor/mentee relationships throughout the academic year.

Position Duties

  • Recruit peer mentors from current Reaud Honors students for upcoming academic year  
  • Invite incoming honors first-year students to be paired up with peer mentors
  • Match honors peer mentors with mentees over the summer 
  • Supervise the collection of peer mentor photo bios and post them on social feeds
  • Organize at least one event per semester, including the Peer Mentor/Mixer held in Fall
  • Support HSA events by encouraging peer mentor/mentee participation
  • Perform additional duties as described in the bylaws 





You enjoy physical activities that promote personal health and wellness, possess resiliency to persist in the midst of adversity, enjoy informal dialogues with peers that elicit different perspectives and have a welcoming and inclusive attitude that encourages interested honors students to participate, regardless of experience level with the sport.  

Position Duties  

  • Announces intramural sports opportunities to members by reviewing team schedules at
  • Organizes and registers HSA's intramural sports teams for competitions
  • Promotes all team experiences by highlighting recreational activities through photographs, videos, and other mediums 
  • Understands and obeys all FAQs and regulations as discussed on LU's Intramural Sports website and in Rules Meetings and provides support for teams to maintain compliance
  • Consults with LU's Intramurals and Sports Club Coordinator at Recreational Sports
  • Performs additional duties as described in the bylaws 




Naturally curious and open to hearing new ideas, you have strong listening skills, are flexible and willing to work with a variety of people and passionately believe that political will can positively advance public policy. While advocating for the interests of Reaud Honors College students, you will work collaboratively with other colleges on campus and with university administrators to shape and implement student-focused polices.   

Positions Duties
  • Represent the student body of the Reaud Honors College and HSA at all Student Government Association meetings by providing information about Reaud Honors College activities  
  • Vote by proxy on behalf of the student body of the Reaud Honors College and HSA at all SGA meetings 
  • Present a report of SGA activities at all meetings of the HSA and HSA’s executive committee, and invite honors students to discuss concerns that can be addressed by vote at the following SGA meeting 
  • Approve all appointments of the president of the association by a simple majority of the members present
  • Perform additional duties as described in the bylaws 

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