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Being a Reaud Honors student comes with financial support opportunities available from the Reaud Honors College only to you, in addition to scholarships offered by Lamar University and external partners. We are here to help you navigate the various financial assistance options you may apply for to fund your education.

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Scholarships PITP Crater Lake

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Current Honors Students

Scholarship opportunities available...

Through Reaud Honors College

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New to Honors?

Incoming First-Year Honors Students

- Presidential and SETX Legends Scholarships: Students should separately submit materials for those scholarships to Office of Student Aid by: January 15.

- Texas Leadership Scholars Program: Students should separately apply materials for that scholarship to TLS by: February 15.

Transfer Honors Students

- Transfer Scholarships: Check to see which transfer scholarship opportunities are available to you.


Honors Dreams Funded

Beck Fellow

Scholarships Beck Fellow Research

"With the support of Lamar University and Mr. Beck, I learned valuable skills and techniques such as CRISPR and SILAC."

Zaid Mohammed first met his research mentor, Dr. Ian Lian, when he taught the Reaud Honors College Stem Cell Research Seminar. Zaid began working in Dr. Lian's lab, which utilized stem cells in growing cancer culture. With his mentor to guide him, Zaid earned the prestigious Beck Fellowship, which allowed Zaid to travel to Ottawa, Canada, to research renal clear cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer, and the protein APP and its relation to Alzheimer’s disease.

- Zaid Mohammed, Beck Fellow


Scholarships Study Abroad

You can build upon your research through multiple scholarships, as Taliah Belcher did, when she spent her summer studying abroad and conducting research around the globe—in Alicante, Spain, Bonn Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden. She explored the financial and economic growth of highly militarized countries and developing countries through three research opportunities. Her journey included testing multiple hypotheses by obtaining data from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the United Nations.

- Taliah Belcher, Presidential Fellow, McNair Scholar & O.U.R. Grantee

PITP Scholars

Scholarships PITP Crater Lake

Four Reaud Honors students went on a camping adventure at Oregon's Crater Lake as Partners in the Parks Scholars. They hiked numerous trails to sites that included Sun Notch Phantom Ship Viewpoint and Vidae Falls. They discussed Henry David Thoreau and his take on walking with a purpose. They even ventured to California's Lava Beds National Monument to go caving. While walking toward Garfield Peak, Kaylee thought, “If there is a Paradise, this is it.” Their great outdoors adventure brought the four ladies lifelong connections, with each other and honors students across the nation.

- Kaylee Goodspeed, Lily Yoder, Annabelle Broussard, and Madison Taylor; Partner in the Parks Scholars

McNair Scholar

Scholarships Research Zarate

Jennyfer's research brought her to Puerto Rico! As a McNair Scholar, Jennyfer is a first-generation student who conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of Gut Microbiota and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis under mentor Dr. Ashwini Kucknoor. While researching this autoimmune disease, she learned techniques in cloning, protein expression, electrophoresis, PCR and RT-PCR, Chromatography, and Spectrography. She presented her research in Puerto Rico at the SACNAS NDiSTEM Conference. Her research endeavors earned her our college's inaugural Honors Student of the Year in Research and Scholarship in 2024.

- Jennyfer Zarate, McNair Scholar

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