Honors Courses

Your Honors Academic Pathway: 

The Reaud Honors College is attentive to the energy and curiosity of emerging scholars. If you so desire, you can fulfill all of your core curriculum requirements in honors sections of core courses. 

Honors sections provide smaller classes, more engaging course content and a supportive learning environment. Academic Support & Professional Development resources are also available to guide you toward success.


Advising Support for YOUR Honors Journey

The Reaud Honors College is here to support you as you build your personalized honors academic pathway that helps you achieve your goals.  

If you bring a significant number of AP/co-enrollment credit hours to Lamar University, you need to be careful about preserving the remaining core courses for honors. Please review our non-course credit guidelines.

If you plan to design an individualized pathway, keep in mind that you may earn no more than a cumulative total of 15 hours of honors credit through any combination of Independent Study and Honors Contracts.

Whatever your circumstances, our Honors Graduation Counselors will be available to guide you throughout your honors college career to help keep you on a path toward success!

Honors Credit Hour Targets For the End of the Second Year 

Excellent: 17-19

Good: 14-16

Acceptable: 12-13

Problematic: Under 12





*Depending on staff availability


CHEM 1311-60 Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 3311-61 Honors Organic Chemistry I
COMM 1315-60 Honors Public Speaking 
COMM 1375 Honors Film Appreciation
ENGL 1301-60/61 Honors Composition I
ENGL 2326-60 Honors American Literature
HIST 1301-60 Honors US History to 1877
MATH 2312-60 Honors Precalculus II
MATH 2413-60 Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
MATH 2415-60 Honors Calculus III
PHIL 2306-60 Honors Ethics
PHYS 2426-60 Honors University Physics II Lecture
PHYS 2426-61 Honors University Physics II Lab
POLS 2301-60 Honors American Government I
PSYC 2301-60 Honors General Psychology



CHEM 1312-60 Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 3312-60 Honors Organic Chemistry II
COMM 1315-60 Honors Public Speaking
DANC 2304-60 Honors Dance Appreciation
ENGL 1302-60 Honors Composition & Rhetoric II
HIST 1302-60 Honors US History Since 1877
MATH 2413-60 Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
MATH 2414-60 Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry II
PHIL 2306-60 Honors Ethics
PHYS 2425-60 Honors University Physics I Lecture
PHYS 2425-61 Honors University Physics I Lab
POLS 2301-60 Honors American Government I
POLS 2302-60 Honors American Government II
PSYC 2317-60 Honors Introduction to Statistical Methods
SOCI 1301-60 Honors Introduction to Sociology


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