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Chair: Alisa Hicklin-Fryar, 2002; Jenny Achilles, 2003; Bethany Aiena, 2011; Carolina Ramirez Cardenas, 2010; Danny Chand, 2002; Josh Daspit, 2004; Stephanie Cryer, 2005; Daniel Grooms, 2002; Joshua Davis, 2011; Christine Felix, 2011; Valerie Juarez, 2011; Wesley Smith, 2011; Lindsey Cauthen, 2008; Kristeen Reynolds, 2016; Kayleigh Romero, 2013; Brittany Ross, 2011; and Brandan Still, 2006.

We remain grateful for the invaluable input shared by this council and the many cherished LU honors alumni who have helped, and continue to help, the Reaud Honors College grow since its establishment as a program in 1963 and as a college in 2013.

Building Community 

Your Moment is Here at LU Reaud Honors College

For more than 50 years, honors students have strolled the Lamar University campus, studied together in the library and met up at the Mirabeau B. Lamar bronze in the campus quad to head out for excursions to the theatre, athletic fields, art museum, laboratories and points beyond. As the college has grown, honors students collaborate by playing video games in the Reaud Honors College lounge and by building the next big thing in the Science & Technology building. Wherever they find themselves on the Lamar University campus, honors students have a home away from home they can always return to — a place to offer them support, encouragement and guidance. Our everlasting hope remains that the dedication, fortitude and leadership shown by our graduates will take them far in their lives, while keeping them close to our LU honors community. 

Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to the success of the Reaud Honors College at Lamar University. We remain your home away from home in perpetuity. Our honors alumni are a lifetime investment for us and we seek every opportunity we can to encourage meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships that build connections and community.

By developing alumni-student programs, the Reaud Honors College works closely with the Honors College Alumni Advisory Council to provide mentoring, internship and career opportunities that allow our students and alumni to forge authentic connections.

Through the Cadenza alumni magazine, university networking events and private social media alumni group, the Reaud Honors College further encourages ongoing conversations with alumni to inspire innovation in their alma mater and to foster collaboration as alumni advance their academic and professional careers.

The Reaud Honors College will continue its utmost best to provide a meaningful experience to our students during their time with us, which we hope will encourage many of you to pay it forward by investing in the success of the students who follow in your footsteps.

We welcome each one of our LU honors alumni to stay in touch with the Reaud Honors College by sending us announcements about your academic and professional careers and by sharing with us opportunities and ideas you believe would expand the Reaud Honors College experience. Our community is enriched by all of you.

Go, honors Cardinals!
Bethany Aiena          Lindsey Minter
       Bethany Aiena                 Lindsey Cauthen      
(Class of 2011)                 (Class of 2007) 

Daniel Chand          Josh Daspit
   Daniel Chand                      Josh Daspit   
(Class of 2002)                    (Class of 2004)

Daniel Grooms          Christine Herndon
   Daniel Grooms                 Christine Felix
                (Class of 2002)                (Class of 2011)            

Carolina Ramirez          Kayleigh Romero
Carolina Ramirez                                                
                Cardenas                       Kayleigh Romero        
               (Class of 2010)                   (Class of 2013)             

Brittany_Cammack          Brandan Still
         Brittany Ross                      Brandan Still         
              (Class of 2011)                   (Class of 2006)              
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