Your college experience is much more than your grades 

Show the world what you've learned so far in your ePortfolio. Don't let your academic transcript tell half your story. You deserve more credit than that.

During your time as a Reaud Honors College student, you will be exposed to a variety of opportunities that can enhance your learning experience. To maximize the potential impact these learning opportunities could have on your future, you will build and develop an ePortfolio.

Showcase your Honors Experiences, leadership achievements, community involvement, participation in student affairs, experiential learning and more.



Translate your past experiences into future opportunities

Provide future employers insight into your college journey and how it has shaped you. By reflecting on your personal achievements throughout your college career in your ePortfolio (eP), you position yourself to effectively communicate with future employers.

Even more, you can customize your eP to determine what you want future employers to see. This puts you in control of your own records. Giving you ownership over what you have learned is important to the Reaud Honors College. eP's empower you to translate your past experiences into future opportunities.  

As you build your eP, you will use a variety of digital tools and resources to help you showcase your learning experiences and share your story about what makes you unique. 

The Reaud Honors College made eP's an instrumental part of our program to help you build a bridge between academia and industry. Here is your opportunity to fully convey your achievements as a Reaud Honors College scholar, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Create an ePortfolio and Learn Digital Literacy Skills

We believe you should have a meaningful and productive college experience that is shared with others, both face-to-face and in the digital world.

Your ePortfolio will be your platform to develop yourself as a professional while allowing you to build digital literacy skills that will prepare you for the job market.

Honors Leadership Community

During the first semester of your freshman year, you will participate in an Honors Leadership Community (HLC) that will help you align your values, goals and belief systems with your pathway moving forward as a Lamar University Reaud Honors College student.

This eight-week learning community (0 credits) revolves around four pillars: academics, research, leadership and global impact.

Each week you will participate in discussions about your career goals, research agenda, leadership opportunities and the impact you are looking to make as a budding professional in your area of expertise that you will develop over the next four years. You will also develop your ePortfolio during the final few weeks in the leadership community.

By the end of the eight weeks, your eP should feature all of your work from HLC on LULearn.

We hope you will enjoy this experience, as we have specifically designed this for you based on input from your honors peers.

Showcase Your Honors Coursework 

To inspire you as you document your own journey, view the variety of ways honors students have shared their Reaud Honors College coursework in their ePs.

You may be encouraged to document coursework in your ePs by your honors professors, yet you may also feature any coursework you desire. 

ep-Grace Richard-HNRS pols 2301-RHC    ep-Dakota Emerson-HNRS pols 2301-RHC.jpg


Share Your Story About What Makes You Unique

Purpose Statement
Passion to Purpose


Research Agenda
Course of Study Pathway

As you build your ePortfolio, we immerse you in the COVA learning framework, which allows you to:

  • Reflect upon your learning experiences both academically and socially.

  • Share your undergraduate experiences in your coursework, research, study abroad, Partners in the Parks, Stepping Up, student organizations, community service, internships, etc.

  • Create your eP as a fun learning experience that will become a career tool you will be able to share with future employers.

  • Choose which activities you attend, and document these Honors Experiences in your eP.

  • Learn to develop your voice as you reflect upon your activities.

  • Every experience provides an authentic learning opportunity for you, so take ownership of what you choose to do and give it your best.


Remember: Start building your eP by adding your work from HLC on LULearn.

Authentic Learning Experiences
Service Learning
Effective Leadership
Digital Literacy
Study Abroad
Learning Networks


ePortfolio Guidance
For guidance on your ePortfolio, contact Dr. Tilisa Thibodeaux or see Thibodeaux's website.
Click on the website's honors tab to find out more information. 

eP Spotlight

Robert "Wesley" Lewis (Class of 2022):

"As my time nears its end at Lamar University, I find myself reminiscing on the memories that were made in these quick four years. Through navigating a new social environment, new adventures, challenges, and opportunities, my ePortfolio has been one way to track this journey. It encompasses many of my accomplishments, awards, projects, and also my fondest memories.

"When interviewing for various internship and full time opportunities, I have found that leveraging a website that has some of your biggest accomplishments, while also showcasing your interests and involvement on campus has set me apart from many other candidates.

"When talking to upper management during my second round of interviews for my internship, they actually brought up some of the pictures that I have in the projects tab of my ePortfolio. At first this caught me off guard because I didn't think anyone actually took the time to research the candidates, but this opportunity allowed me to expand on some of the points made in the first round of interviews pertaining to this project. Ultimately, through the interviewing process, the company is trying to get a feel for who you are as an individual; what better way than to have some of your highlights readily available for them?"



Wesley Lewis My name is Wesley Lewis and I am currently attending Lamar University pursuing a degree within Chemical Engineering, while also obtaining a minor in Mathematics.  wesley-lewis.weebly.com

Wesley Lewis’s ePortfolio “Projects” preview page, showing photos from the AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition and a written overview sharing the objective and overall idea of the event. 

Wesley Lewis’s ePortfolio “Projects” preview page, showing photos from the AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition and a written overview sharing the objective and overall idea of the event. 

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