Honors Experiences

As an honors student, you will attend events and participate in service projects that will broaden your horizons and enhance your learning experience at Lamar University. Since the intent behind these activities is to help you develop life skills and ensure your experience at Lamar goes beyond academics, any course-related work does not count.

To earn Reaud Honors College graduate status, you need to participate in a diverse range of activities. 

Honors Experiences may include most any intellectual or cultural event held on campus, such as: 

  • Honors events (extra for Honors Scholars Day)
  • Home for the Holidays (off campus)
  • Theatre performances
  • Art exhibitions
  • Academic lectures
  • Research presentations
  • Creative activities
  • Leadership meetings
  • Volunteer experiences (on campus and off campus) - list hours served (2 hrs = 1 experience)

Be sure to also document your Leadership Positions for consideration. These experiences are crucial in developing the soft skills (leadership, organizational, networking, cultural competence, etc.) that are essential for your career path after Lamar University.


You Will Document All of Your Honors Experiences On Your ePortfolio (eP) in an aesthetic you desire.

To help you develop your critical thinking skills, document each Honors Experience in your eP by including at least a couple sentences that demonstrate how you have thought about the activity in an objective and critical way.

Your Honors Experiences should be current in your eP every Spring of each academic year. College staff will annually review eP's to make sure that you are on track to graduate with Reaud Honors College graduate status.

Remember, you must be in good standing—including on track with Honors Experiences—to be eligible for honors scholarships and grants. 

How to Stay on Track: You should record eP journal entries about, on average, one activity per month during the Fall and Spring semesters and two activities during the summer (10 per year).

Of course, you may attend, volunteer or lead as many activities as you wish throughout the year. Make the most out of your time at Lamar University!

You should have at least 40 Honors Experiences documented in your eP by the time you graduate.

Need a refresher from Honors Orientation?

You can always revisit your HLC on LULearn.

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