You play an important role in assisting future and current Lamar University students, from offering help with applications to encouraging students to persevere. For any college student, especially first-time students, the support of parents and families is vital to success. Learn more about our Parents Association.

Health and Safety

  • Student Heath Center
    Free and low-cost medical services
  • University Police
    Certified Texas peace officers patrol campus, enforce local, state and federal laws; and investigate violations. Officers are assigned regular shifts to monitor university housing and adjacent parking lots.
  • Shuttle Service
    In the evenings, a free shuttle service provides transportation for around campus.
  • Security Cameras
    New security cameras and emergency phones placed at strategic locations across campus provide more protection.

Academic Support

Lamar University offers several programs to help students achieve their full academic potential whether they need extra help or extra challenges.

Adjusting to College Life

You can help your student make the transition to college life by striking the right balance between providing support and fostering independence.Lamar University Parents

Discuss both financial plans and academic expectations. Encourage your student to make responsible decisions about alcohol and other lifestyle choices.

You can help by recognizing that your student is an adult who still needs a coach but not a rescuer. Listen and offer encouragement while urging your student to take advantage of resources on campus and to solve his or her own problems.

You should be aware that a federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), protects the privacy of student educational records and may restrict your access to certain information, including grades.