Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master’s Programs

Lamar University offers two types of Post-Degree Programs for students who hold one or more degrees, bachelor's or master’s, and wish to pursue additional studies that will not culminate in a graduate degree. Neither classification should be considered a means to enter graduate school. Graduate admission has additional requirements.

Post-Baccalaureate Program

The post-baccalaureate classification is intended for:
  • Students who hold a bachelor's degree and wish to take a limited number of graduate courses prior to entering a graduate program.
  • Students who wish to take undergraduate courses without pursuing an additional degree, such as for teacher certification, personal enrichment or professional development.

Post-Master’s Program

Designed for students who hold an advanced degree and who wish to pursue additional courses without acceptance to a degree program or the graduate college.

Post Degree Admission

Before attending on-campus classes, students under age 22 must either receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or meet criteria to decline. Get more information on this vaccination requirement.

How to Apply

Post Degree applicants should submit an online U.S. Graduate Application through the statewide Apply Texas system. Students also should have official copies of all prior college and university transcripts sent to Lamar University, regardless of the length of attendance and whether credit was earned.

Admission at the graduate level requires approval of the academic department.

Students are not eligible for financial aid, scholarships or graduate assistantships.

Transcripts should be sent to:

Lamar University
Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 11614
Beaumont, TX 77710



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