Welcome to Lamar University Disability Resource Center

Disability Resource Center for disability support services

Welcome to Lamar University and the Disability Resource Center (DRC). We are committed to supporting students with disabilities at Lamar University through the appropriate use of advocacy, accommodations, and supportive services to ensure access to campus courses, services, and activities. The DRC is the university-designated office that determines and facilitates reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is dedicated to supporting students with disabilities with inclusive opportunities and equitable learning environments. This support extends to the diverse background of our students and celebrates difference as something that helps set Lamar University apart from other institutions. As a department, we will work to ensure our events, practices, services, and goals support and celebrate the diverse multicultural backgrounds of students, faculty, and staff at Lamar University.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Contacts: drc@lamar.edu (preferred) or 409-880-8347 

Virtual Services. Accommodation requests, faculty notification letters, e-text requests, and notes can still be accessed virtually through AIM. AIM login can be accessed on this website by clicking the red button labeled “AIM DRC LOGIN” on the right side of each page. 

Communication Access Services. Communication access (interpreting and real-time captioning) requests for virtual services are available electronically under ‘Forms’ on this website. Communication access staff are ready and available through e-mail at drc.cadh@lamar.edu or through text/voice at 409-656-3678. 

Virtual Meetings. DRC directors and other staff are prepared to provide virtual services and are available for virtual (phone, chat or video chat) meetings. To schedule an appointment, DRC staff can be contacted directly via their e-mail or through the departmental e-mail at drc@lamar.edu. Current DRC students can also schedule appointments by logging into AIM and clicking “Request for appointment.” 

In-person Meetings. Students arriving at the DRC office for in-person business will need to use the I am Here feature in AIM to notify DRC staff when you have arrived. Instructions for this will be provided at the time of scheduling.  

Emergency Contacts. In the case of an emergency, email drc@lamar.edu.