Undergraduate Research

Research - Student Life

All students are encouraged to do undergraduate research while at Lamar University.

Research allows you to make a difference in your field and form strong mentor relationships with faculty members in their respective disciplines.

If you are wondering whether or not research is for you, the Office of Undergraduate Research is the place to start.

How Do I Start?

The key to getting started in research is finding a subject you are not only interested in, but also passionate about.

  • Get to know professors, teaching assistants, and upperclassmen and find out what kind of research they are conducting.
  • View listings posted daily for various research opportunities; both local and out of town. 

Student Research Examples

  • Exploring Spirituality & Spiritual Care in Nursing Students & Hospices Nurses
  • Analysis of Phthalates in Food Packaging and Children's Toys
  • Exploration of a Novel Approach to Reverse Cancer Malignancy
  • How does a History of Late Learning of Speech Sounds Affects a Child's Emotional Well-Being?
  • A Low Cost Next-Generation Pavement Damage Detection Technique
  • Effects of Using IPad Technology on Reading Fluency of Elementary Students
Undergraduate Research Students

Come to O.U.R. Events

Annual Conferences

University faculty members, administrators, and peers share and explore research, best practices and ideas.


Research Expos

Showcase your research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor, annually, at the Undergraduate Research Exposition.