Civil Engagement

Serve your community

You can make a difference in your community through service and sustainability.

It's easy to get involved! For more information, contact the Civic Engagement office.

  • (409) 880-7775
  • Setzer Center Room 212

Community Service

Volunteer - Lamar University


Community Service (civic engagement) is an important part of life at Lamar University. We empower students to be active citizens through volunteering and service learning.

We partner with local non-profit organizations to provide opportunities for growth and giving for Cardinal Nation.


Sustainability - Lamar University

At Lamar University, sustainability means making wise use of energy and other natural resources to minimize our environmental impact while still accomplishing the educational goals of our institution.

Check out the many things we are doing to reach our goals for sustainability:

  • LU Community Garden
  • On-Campus Recycling
  • Ride Sharing
  • Student Projects
  • Sustainability Courses