3.7 - Videos


High-quality videos help to tell the Lamar University story, and like other materials -- brochures, handbooks, web pages, etc. -- they must adhere to university brand standards and be consistent in style, tone and message.

All videos posted on www.lamar.edu must be ADA compliant and captioned. This applies to videos previously produced through the university’s video production center and to independently–produced videos. This does not apply to videos posted on YouTube or other video platform, which the university site may link to but the university does not own or manage. WebComm will remove any video embedded on lamar.edu that is not captioned.


For information on graphics, font use and creating suitable videos to be posted on the lamar.edu site or via social media, refer to the video guidelines document.


Do not post video directly on Lamar University web servers.  Use a third party (such as Youtube or Vimeo or Blackboard) to host and then embed or link to the video from the web page.  If you would like to host the video on the Blackboard platform, contact the Center for Distance Education at (409) 880-7537.