2.7 - University Homepage Feature Criteria


The featured item must:

  • interest or affect multiple university stakeholders
  • reinforce the university’s core mission and messages: research, arts & culture, education and community impact
  • be designed, created and/or approved by Marketing Communications staff

What may be featured:

  • Campus impact and emergency notices
    -campus closures (storms, emergency situations)
  • Feature articles
    -student, alumni and faculty stories (taken from campus publications including Cardinal Cadence and college or alumni newsletters)
  • Major campus events
    -convocation, commencement and homecoming
    -building openings and dedication ceremonies
  • Major performing arts events
    -notable national and world performers
  • Major athletic accomplishments
    -conference, national and international championships
    -individual alumni achievements
  • Major campaign announcements and milestones
    -university anniversaries, etc.
    -official fundraising campaigns
  • Campus speakers
    -prominent figure known by a broad general audience (current and past national presidents, Nobel Laureates, prominent journalists and/or writers)
    -special consideration will be given to the Fisher Lecture Series
  • Memorial announcements
    -at the discretion of the Office of Public Relations
  • Major university recruitment efforts

What will not be featured:

  • Specific class offerings
    -exceptions for occasional bundling of offerings
    -Sheila Umphrey Recreation Center summer offerings, new degrees, registration, etc.
  • Office moves
    -unless the move affects crucial services accessed by a broad audience.
  • New website launch/releases
    -unless part of a major campus event.
  • Calls for entries, papers or participation
    -in research studies, contests, etc. These requests should be directed to the appropriate audience page.