2.6 - Microsites and Special Projects


The Office of Web Communication must approve all third–party work to be displayed on the public website, and those third-party sites must follow the Review for Acquisition of Information Technology Resources Policy and web governance policies/procedures. A microsite, for example, is a special project with a specific marketing focus; it would require a great deal of time and expertise to develop. Microsites funded by Lamar Univeristy must have Lamar University branding and be approved by Marketing Communications.

All microsites must have analytics code (received from the web communication office) prior to launch.


Submit your requests regarding microsites and special projects to lamar.edu/webcomm.

We have provided the following timeline to help you determine an appropriate due date for your marketing project. The director of the Office of Web Communication must approve shorter timelines.  If the microsite is hosted off site, Marketing Communications must approve site mockups before developing and publishing.

For URLs for microsites, see Section 2.5 - Domain Names and Redirects

Job Request Timeline

HTML email: 7 to 15 business days
Landing page: 10 to 15 business days
Microsite: 6 to 8 weeks
Website design: 12-week minimum
Website redesign: 8-week minimum