1.2 - Compliance

The website, www.lamar.edu, is the sole property of Lamar University. While certain faculty and staff will have access to edit certain portions of the site, create new content and remove old content, the site and all its subsites remain the property of the university.

The website provides a platform to showcase the university’s best qualities and project a positive image solely concerning all university business. It is a strategic asset that carries influence and provides global access to all aspects of the university. As we have over 300 personnel managing portions of the site, some essential guidelines will encourage clarity, accuracy and consistency in protecting the university’s online image.

This policy aims to cover all areas of web governance; however, if you have questions, please contact webmaster@lamar.edu or the director of the Office of Web Communication at (409) 880-7805.

Each department is responsible for content clarity, correctness, grammar, spelling, usage, accessibility, conformity with the Associated Press Stylebook and conformity with university naming conventions and branding, according to the Marketing Communications Visual Standards Manual.

Lamar University reserves the right to revise or delete content that does not meet acceptable use guidelines or the standards outlined in this policy.