Appendix A - Domain Names and Redirects Procedures

Relates to Web Governance Policy 2.5


  • An individual may not register domain names for use on university publications, websites or any university related activity.  Web Communication will manage all domains centrally except for those which it is necessary that IT maintain via third party.
  • There must be at least two different Lamar University contacts listed for each domain.
  • Your domain name -- or "web address" -- is a tool for finding your site. It does not need to be the full proper name of your unit, department, or program.
  • Redirects will be created in the format, all lowercase to be used in all marketing/promotional materials, emails, etc.


  • Submit all domain name requests to Web Communication via the Support Request form at
  • Web Communication will consider the request and respond with a recommendation within ten university business days. If Web Communication recommends that the domain not be assigned as requested, the requester may amend the submission according to the Web Communication recommendations and submit it again. If no agreement can be reached, the requester may appeal by sending an email request to the director of Marketing Communications.

Procedures for URLS not in the namespace:

  • One month prior to expire date of URL, departments will request of Finance and Operations a journal entry to transfer funds from the department account to a designated account.
  • Once the funds are successfully transferred, the URL will be renewed.


  • Your site name should be short and memorable. You will probably need to publish the address in print, and visitors will need to manually type the address.
  • Your site name must be unique. (One name cannot point to two different sites.)
  • The name should not be confusing or so similar to another name that easy-to-make errors lead visitors to the wrong place.
  • The name must not be obscene or considered obscene.
  • The name must not conflict with or cause confusion with the name of another site -- or potential site -- at Lamar University.
  • The name should not be cute, unless that's the whole point of the site.
  • Avoid three- and four-letter or less abbreviations and acronyms, such as or unless your audience knows your organization or topic by that abbreviation, contraction, or acronym.