1.3 - Corrective/Appellate Process

LU's university web editor reviews requests submitted to the Office of Web Communication before addressing them, and if there are questions about the request, those will be referred to the director of Web Communication.


The director of Web Communication shall regularly review pages on university servers to insure compliance with policies stated herein. If a page does not comply with guidelines as stated in this document or in other Lamar University policy documents, the director or a designate will contact the responsible CMS user to request appropriate changes. The university web editor will specify the time limit within which changes must be made, and the CMS user must notify the Office of Web Communication when he or she has completed the requested changes. In the case of serious violations, the site may be immediately unpublished and the CMS user and his or her administrator notified.

Corrective Action 

If the CMS user has not achieved compliance in the specified time period, the director of Web Communication will notify the direct supervisor and, if necessary, the responsible administrator (see below) and, with approval, take corrective action. Corrective action may include, but is not limited to, removal of links on pages in question and unpublishing of the site. The responsible administrator may take further action. Responsible administrators include: 

  • Vice-president for student engagement (students/student organizations)
  • Provost/senior associate provost (faculty and academic departments)
  • Vice-president for finance and operations (staff and administrative departments)

In the event of multiple occurrences of non-compliance, the Office of Web Communication may remove that entity's access to the content management system.

Appellate Process

Any student, staff member or faculty member who feels that he or she has been wrongly accused of violating these policies may appeal the decision by filing a written appeal, within five working days of notification, containing the following information:

  • Contact information including name, phone number, email address
  • URL of offending web page
  • Reason for appeal

Send appeals to the appropriate administrative office as listed below:


Vice President for Student Engagement
RE: Web Governance Policy Appeal
P.O. Box 10054
Beaumont, Texas  77710


Provost or Senior Associate Provost
RE: Web Governance Policy Appeal
P.O. Box 10002
Beaumont, Texas  77710


Vice President for Finance and Operations
RE: Web Governance Policy Appeal
P.O. Box 10051
Beaumont, Texas  77710

Respective administrators may schedule a hearing wherein the accused party may present his or her argument.  The administrator will render the final decision.