3.5 - Official University Data


To avoid posting conflicts or duplicate information appearing on lamar.edu, departments shall not copy and change official college information. Web pages or content found to be in violation will be removed. This includes:

  • Tuition, fees, and scholarship information
  • Academic calendars and college deadlines
  • Course listings and degree course requirements (maintained by the Office of Records and Registration) Note: The only course description which can appear on the university webpage is the one written by the Office of Records and Registration. Web editors may link to the course as it appears on the course catalog page or reproduce the course description on a web page. Editors cannot post a link to a Word document or a PDF that includes the department's own course description. Such content will be removed.
  • Course descriptions other than those provided in the Comprehensive Catalog
  • Academic requirements listed in the college catalog
  • College news stories or announcements published by the Office of Public Relations
  • Events posted to the campus calendar
  • New content referencing the college's mission, statement of purpose, bylaws, honor code, the college's religious tradition and accreditation