3.1- Quality Control and Workflow


The website should be free of spelling errors and broken links and factual errors.

If mistakes occur frequently without evidence of improvement, Web Communication will suspend editing privileges until the user is able to show proficiency in correcting them.


Monthly, web personnel must use the university's chosen quality assurance software (Siteimprove, see Section 2.12 and Appendix D) to correct any additional mistakes.


Web liaisons, publishers and contributors shall determine their own internal workflows. Only publishers may make changes that will go live instantly on the site.

Use spell-check and the link checker on all text before submitting it for publishing.

The CMS user for each college or department is responsible for correcting spelling mistakes, broken links and/or factual errors.   After a CMS user receives training, WebComm will generate workflows for appropriate approvals prior to publishing.  Appendix C specifically addresses review workflow procedure.

Workflows may be approved by the university web editor or by departmental web liaisons with publishing privileges.  Where appropriate, Web Communication will grant the user publishing privileges once that office has established that the user is correctly implementing edits.