2.4 - Training and Education


Training in the content management system (CMS) is an essential step to create websites on the lamar.edu domain that serve our objective. (See 1.1 Objective) The Office of Web Communication will grant CMS access only to editors who have been formally trained. 


The university web editor provides training videos on how to use the CMS, how to write for the web and how to use best practice search engine optimization strategies; it is the trainee’s responsibility to watch the videos, absorb the material, practice what they learn in these sessions and utilize the training and style documents that are provided.  The Web Communication site offers a variety of resources and training videos.


The training videos are located in the university's learning management system, LU Learn, and accessed through a authenticated link via our Intranet (https://www.lamar.edu/web-communication/cms/cms-training.html). After thorough training, editors may use various support documents by visiting Web Communication at lamar.edu/webcommunication.  The university web editor does collect analytics data on the training videos.