1.1 - Objective

This policy provides for collaborative, centralized governance of the ongoing development, deployment, delivery and maintenance of the Lamar University digital image. By outlining standard processes, roles, responsibilities and practices, this policy also sets a standard throughout the official university website for consistency of presentation and representation of the Lamar University brand.

We will pursue this objective while keeping in mind the site’s underlying strategic priority: we endeavor to facilitate a user experience that will develop a lasting digital relationship with all visitors – particularly students and prospective students – providing them with the information they need in an easy and accessible format. To that end, we must arrange our websites in such a way as to intuitively present information to users, particularly students and prospective students, to facilitate a satisfactory, pleasant online experience.

Definition of Terms Used in this Document


A general, high level statement of the rule.


Lower-level controls that support the policy.


Typically, recommendations that help support the standard.


The specific means by which we execute the policy. May include step-by-step instructions.