Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Vision Statement

The Lamar University College of Arts and Sciences aims to be the college of choice in Southeast Texas by providing broad core and outstanding disciplinary education in each student's chosen field and preparing them for citizenship in a rapidly changing world.

Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to developing intellectually curious learners through collaborative research and innovative pedagogy that include high-impact opportunities. We empower students to be effective leaders who make meaningful contributions to society.

COAS Strategic Initiatives for AY 22-23

The College of Arts and Sciences has developed four goals to accomplish and has formed committees to see these goals through. Each committee is made up of faculty members from each department. Please click on the committee name below to view membership. 

The goals & committees include:


Fall 2023

The committee is reading Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, to discover and potentially disseminate knowledge on effective teaching through engaged learning.

The committee is also preparing an inventory of engaged learning practices that are already in place in classes across the College of Arts and Sciences


Fall 2023

The committee is creating a web page of student resources for faculty to refer to when assisting students.

Research & Creative Activity

Fall 2023

The committee hosted an event where nine Lamar university faculty members spoke on grant writing and publishing in a panel open to all LU faculty and staff. Jerry Lin, Associate Provost for Research, gave the opening remarks.

Leadership, Community, & Communication

Fall 2023

The committee hosted an event where a small group of students taught faculty about their language and how they use technology in their classes and lives.