COAS Procedure

The College of Arts and Sciences procedures serve as a guide to academic practices at the college-level. COAS procedures are subject to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the federal government, State of Texas, Texas State University System (TSUS), and university-level policy and procedures at Lamar University. These procedures have been developed to ensure compliance with these higher authorities. If there is a conflict between a COAS procedure and a federal, state, TSUS, or LU law, rule, regulation, or policy, the federal, state, TSUS, or LU requirement will take precedence and the COAS procedure will be revised to reflect the higher authority.

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This section lists academic procedures followed by the College of Arts and Sciences. These procedures do not represent all academic procedures in effect at the college. Additional academic procedures may be found in the University Catalog, Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and other documents focused on Lamar's educational mission. The procedures in this section may undergo revision to reflect current academic practices.