Research conducted at LU enhances disease diagnosis

Dr. Ian Lian, associate professor of biology, contributes to patenting technology to enhance the early detection of diseases, such as cancer and COVID-19, with the potential to save lives.


Kucknoor biology

The Biology program at Lamar University is committed to the laboratory approach to science. Completing the biology core will expose you to all major areas of biology and allow you the freedom to concentrate on an area of special interest within the major.

A biology degree provides opportunities in medicine, health care, scientific research, genetic counseling, biotechnology, laboratory science, pharmacy, environmental and business consulting, education and more.

Our faculty and staff provide specialized opportunities and individual attention that foster your success.

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For many people, a biology degree is a step on the way to medical school or another health care specialty. But there are plenty of biology degree jobs that don't involve going anywhere near a stethoscope, including lab-based research, teaching, working with and studying animals, protecting ecosystems or research writing.

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