History Department

The history department uses the exploration of the past to provide students the intellectual tools to become informed, responsible citizens. With emphases on critical thinking and writing, the study of history prepares students for careers in education, the law, government, business, museums, archival preservation, and historical editing and publishing.

The department specializes in the fields of American, European, Asian, and African history and offers both bachelor's and master's degrees as well as a combined BA/MA fast-track program.



Alexis Brett SperaDecember/January History Student of the Month, Alexis Brett Spera.

Hope Flores

6th Annual Student of the Year Award winner, Hope Flores.


Dr. Jeff Forret's latest book, Williams' Gang: A Notorious Slave Trader and His Cargo of Black Convicts, is available from Cambridge University Press.

Read Dr. Jeff Forret's article on the long history of black incarceration in Time magazine here.