Departments and Chairs

Department of Biology
Chair: Dr. Randall Terry

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chair: Dr. Ozge Gunaydin-Sen

Department of Computer Science
Chair: Dr. Jing Zhang

Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Interim Chair: Dr. Joe Kruger

Department of English and Modern Languages
Chair: Dr. Jim Sanderson

Department of History
Chair: Dr. Rebecca Boone

Department of Mathematics
Chair: Dr. Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin

JoAnne Gay Dishman School of Nursing
Chair: Dr. Cindy Stinson

Department of Physics
Chair: Dr. Phil Cole

Department of Political Science
Chair: Dr. Thomas Sowers

Department of Psychology
Interim Chair: Dr. Jeremy Shelton

Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice
Chair: Dr. Stuart Wright
Program Directors: Dr. Chiung-Fang Chang, Dr. Ginger Gummelt and Dr. Robert Worley