Student Success

Mission Statement

The COAS Student Success Committee strives to enable and educate faculty on student success methods in their courses in order to retain students and help them complete their degree and to find and mitigate student challenges or obstacles to retention and completion.

Committee Members

Department of Biology
  Marilyn Kish-Molina, Instructor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Paul Bernazzani, Professor

Department of Computer Science
  Jiangjlang Liu, Professor

Department of History
  David Robles, Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
  Jose Vega-Guzman, Associate Professor

JoAnne Gay Dishman School of Nursing
  Keili Peterman, Assistant Professor

Department of Physics
  Rafael de la Madrid, Associate Professor
  Eveny Romashet, Instructor

Department of Political Science
  JP Nelson, Associate Professor

Department of Psychology
  Edythe Kirk, Associate Professor

Social Work Program
  April Loya-Boggs, Instructor

Criminal Justice Program
  Cheng-Hsien Lin, Associate Professor

Undergraduate Advising Center
   Christy George, Success Coach


Jianjiang Liu
Marilyn Kish-Molina