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Now is the time to get your degree in Computer Science. This program involves every aspect of the human endeavor, from common technologies like mobile phones, artificial intelligence, medical imaging, and game design and development.

The study of computer science develops imagination, mathematical skill, technical virtuosity and discipline. These analytical and creative talents give our majors a dramatic edge in business leadership.  

Computer Science programs at Lamar University offer small classes with a good ratio between student and instructors.  Our professors have strong research credentials and a lifetime commitment to quality teaching and service. 

ABET Accredited

The B.S. in Computer Science Program is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Electronics and Technology.   Learn More →

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Jobs Outlook

Computer Science Jobs

The projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that such jobs as Software Engineer, Database Administrator, Network Security Analyst, and Software Architect are likely to be among the professions that expand the most during the next decade.

Many of our students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science are working in internships with local companies. These computer science internship opportunities are available due to the high demand for expertise in the latest computing technologies exceeding the number of experienced workers seeking employment.

U.S. News and World Report lists the six best jobs with a Computer Science degree among the 100 Best Jobs.

Job Title Salary
Computer Systems Analyst $49,370-$120,060
Database Administrator $42,360-$116,870
Software Developer $54,980-$136,490
Web Developer $42,770-$124,860
Computer Programmer $41,710-$115,610
IT Manager median salary of $118,010/year

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