Board of Advisors

The College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board is comprised of former students and other Lamar supporters who serve as a resource for the Dean of the COAS and its various department heads. These individuals contribute their expertise and guidance to help the COAS advance its programs and prepare the next generation of leaders in their respective disciplines. The Dean of the COAS serves as an ex officio member of the board.


The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist and advise the COAS by:

  1. Involvement in the implementation of strategic goals and plans of the COAS as to its specific ongoing programs and its advancement through new initiatives.
  1. Advise and consult with Lamar leadership regarding issues of mutual concern related to educational, research, and service programs to help further the strategic goals and plans of the COAS.
  1. Assist in developing resources to support the needs of programs in the COAS, its department heads and instructors and most especially, its students.
  1. Support and guide the COAS in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with COAS alumni and its other supporters including government, corporate and graduate school relationships; with the various state and federal government agencies that have an interest in the programs of the COAS, including grants for research.
  2. Assist current students of the COAS in any way possible, including counseling for job and graduate school opportunities; provide advice and opportunities for internships and other pre and post-graduate job opportunities; and foster mentor relationships.