English and Modern Languages

The Department of English and Modern Languages seeks to develop your literary comprehension, creative thinking, writing and communicative abilities through diverse intellectual and cultural traditions.
Casey Ford

In addition to honing my passion for and skill in poetry craft, Lamar University’s English faculty essentially freed me from the burden of “deciding what I want to be.” I was assured that I could find success by virtue of being adaptable. For twenty years -- while I flip-flopped between music and English majors or between universities -- I worked in administrative jobs, taught myself to use digital technology as it developed, and built professional skills compatible with my writing ability, so that now, my versatile M.A. in English has landed me jobs as a journalistic writer, a teacher, a freelancer, a web content designer, and currently, as the thesis and dissertation editor in Lamar University’s College of Graduate Studies. I will never be a renowned musician, but I have had and continue to have opportunities to do most of the things I’ve ever wanted to do as a professional person who can write well. Great writing -- effective communication -- opens doors. I found and continue to find doors opening to me at LU and in this community because of my language and literature studies here.

Casey Ford

Grace MegnetThe English Faculty of Lamar University made my dreams possible. Under the guidance of award-winning authors and poets my stories garnered prizes. I graduated with a Master of English, and I am a published author.
Grace Megnet
Maegan White I earned my B.A. in English and I am working toward my M.A. currently with the English Department at Lamar University. This department is full of wonderful faculty that have made my journey not only interesting, but fun. The educators in this department are knowledgeable, creative, helpful, and very kind. I have felt welcomed since the beginning. I have been able to take a huge variety of classes that cover everything from technical writing and classic literature, to creative writing, modern literature, and pop culture. This department really feels like a family to me and I am so happy to continue my education here!
Meagan White

English faculty at Lamar University emphasize excellent teaching in a variety of languages and literatures.

You will have the opportunity to explore a full spectrum of literature courses: from Shakespeare to Langston Hughes, from old and middle English to Texas literature and from literary criticism to film criticism.

You may also choose from a variety of writing courses: technical writing, fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and rhetoric as well as pedagogical courses in literature and writing.