Section 2 - General Policies



1. Policy: Lamar University shall provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees and otherwise foster an environment free of intimidation, humiliation, and harassment due to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, disability or age.

2. Definition of Age, Disability or Racial Harassment:

2.1 Racial harassment is defined as extreme or outrageous acts or communications that are intended to harass, intimidate, or humiliate students, faculty, staff or visitors on account of race, color, national origin, or age and that reasonably causes them to suffer severe emotional distress.

3. Violation and Discipline:

3.1 It is a violation of Lamar University policy for any faculty or staff person to use the authority granted by state law, by system rules, or by University policy to deprive any person of his or her civil rights.

3.2 If a violation of the Regents rule or University policy is committed on campus and/or in connection with a University sponsored event because of race, color, national origin, or age of any person directly harmed by such violation, the violator’s discriminatory purpose shall be treated as an aggravating factor for the purpose of determining the appropriate penalty.

3.3 All complaints shall be considered informal until they are in writing. The investigation and resolution of shall follow the same pattern as outlined in the policy on Sexual Harassment. (Policy 2.5)

3.4 Once discipline is imposed, the accused faculty or staff employee shall have his/her right to appeal procedure under University policy.

4. Mandatory Anti-Discrimination Training:

Each new employee must participate in training on policies regarding discrimination and harassment no later than 30 days after the hire. Supplemental training is required every two years.

4.1 A signed statement verifying attendance is required to be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.



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Texas Penal Code Ann., §39.03

Texas State University System, Rules and Regulations, as Amended

Texas Labor Code, §21.010