Section 2 - General Policies



1. Motor Vehicles: The use of state-owned motor vehicles except on official business is prohibited. State employees are expressly prohibited from using state vehicles in connection with any political campaign or any personal or recreational activity. State funds may not be used to pay employees who violate these provisions.

2. Office Equipment: The use of state property including telephones and office equipment such as computers, fax machines, or copiers should be restricted to official business. It is expected that any personal business conducted over the telephone will be kept to a minimum. Excessive personal phone calls or use of photocopiers, computers, etc. for personal reasons may lead to restrictions or disciplinary actions. Personal long distance phone calls should not be charged to Lamar accounts; any such calls must be identified and the account reimbursed. Departments are required to review monthly bills.

2.1 E-mail and Internet: The use of the Internet and e-mail is recognized as a valid business tool and is to be used for purposes related to the performance of a job or for gathering applicable information. Personal use of this technology may lead to restrictions or disciplinary actions.

3. Tools and Equipment: Tools or equipment used in official duties shall not be used for personal reasons.

4. Personal Mail: Any personal mail sent through the University Post Office must be paid for by the employee. Personal mail should not be sent on University stationery.

5. Home Use: Removing state property from the campus for personal use is expressly forbidden. Any employee wishing to take Lamar property home to work on official business must receive written permission from his/her supervisor to do so.

6. Penalties: Failure to comply with these policies is cause for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.



Texas Government Code, §2203.004