Section 2 - General Policies

Policy Number: 2.15 - GENERAL WORLD WIDE WEB USE


Revised: 4/11/14

1. Policy: Lamar University recognizes the value and potential of utilizing the Internet and hence allows and encourages students, staff and faculty to use the university’s Internet resources and network within established guidelines.

2. Procedures:

2.1 Units may create electronic home pages, personal pages, and publications pages that carry out the official University business in support of the University’s mission.

2.1.1 Contents of all electronic pages must be consistent with Lamar University and Texas State University System policies and local, state and federal laws. This includes links to other pages or computers; therefore, a page may be considered in violation if it contains links that violate the policy.

 2.2 All unit websites must comply with university standards as established in the Lamar University General World Wide Web policy.

2.2.1 Copyright laws apply to electronic publishing as well as print publishing.

2.2.2 Electronic publications are subject to the same University policies and standards as printed publications.

2.3 Lamar University resources may not be used to create web pages primarily for personal business or personal gain, except as permitted by other University or System policies.

2.4 All web authors publishing pages or sites housed on the Lamar University web servers are required to be familiar with and abide by the standards and policies set forth within the Lamar University General World Wide Web policy. Further information is available on the Lamar University Faculty/Staff Policies website.