Section 3 - Classification/Salary

Policy Number: 3.1 - EMPLOYEE CATEGORIES


1. A University employee is any person who is under the authority and in the paid service of Lamar University, which is under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Regents of The Texas State University System, other than independent contractors or consultants.

2. A faculty employee is an employee with a specified academic rank holding a teaching appointment for a fixed term as determined by the President of the University and approved by the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System.

2.1 Additional policies specific to faculty employees are found in the Faculty Handbook and in the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, Chapter V, Section 4.

3. A staff employee is any employee other than a faculty or a student employee.

3.1 Administrative officers are vice presidents, deans, and other administrative personnel with delegated executive authority as determined by the President.

3.2 Unclassified staff employees include administrative officers and other administrative and professional personnel who serve without fixed terms and who are not included in the university’s classification plan.

3.3 Classified staff employees include those personnel who are appointed without fixed terms to those positions which fall within the job classes in the University’s Classification plan, have titles which are defined within the Classification plan, and which require similar duties, skills and qualifications as defined within those job descriptions.

4. Student employees are incumbents of those positions that require student status as a condition of employment; these may be either undergraduate or graduate positions.

5. Except as otherwise stated, the Human Resource policies and procedures contained in this manual are applicable to all categories of employees.



Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, Chapter V, Section 4.