Section 2 - Lamar University Safety Policy

The goal of Lamar University's Safety Policy is to develop positive attitudes  regarding accident prevention for all employees of our University. All  management personnel are to be cognizant of the safety needs of their employees  and the general public. They are charged with the responsibility of initiating  necessary preventive measures to control safety hazards. It is essential that  all management personnel recognize and accept this responsibility for the safety  of all employees. Safety shall be incorporated as an integral part of all  University programs. All employees are responsible for taking reasonable and prudent action to prevent involvement in an accident.

The responsibility for the administration and  implementation of the University's Safety Program is assigned to the Director of  Risk Management and the Safety Coordinator. The Director of Risk Management is responsible for ensuring that appropriate safety policies are promulgated and disseminated, and for reviewing overall safety records with a view to  identifying areas of concern. The Safety Coordinator is responsible for detecting unsafe conditions and unsafe acts; performs inspections; and reviews  inspection reports from all areas periodically to ensure the safety of the University's working environment. The Safety Coordinator is empowered to stop work functions whenever imminent danger, which can result in serious injury, is noted. All discrepancies noted or detected will continue to be remedied either by work order or by the responsible supervisor.

Lamar University will continue to appoint a University Health and Safety Committee. The Committee has six basic purposes:

  1. Develop and maintain the interest of directors, department chairs, managers and front‑line supervisors and keep them informed on safety matters;
  2. Stimulate and maintain employee interest and show them that their cooperation is needed to minimize accidents;
  3. Make safety activities a function of the University's operation and an integral part of operating procedures and methods;
  4. Provide an opportunity for free discussion of occupational hazards or potential problems and preventive measures;
  5. Help the operating manager evaluate safety suggestions, and
  6. Maintain the full backing of management so that the Safety Committee may perform its purpose efficiently.

The minutes of the safety Committee will be distributed and posted in major work areas. A copy of the Committee meeting’s findings, corrective actions, and minutes will be submitted to the State Office of Risk Management in the interest of mutual coordination, The Committee will report to the Vice Presidents for Finance and Operations for Lamar University and Lamar Institute of Technology. Documentation will be maintained on file in support of our Accident Prevention Program. In the interest of employee safety and accident prevention, total participation and continued cooperation of all employees is essential.

This memorandum establishes a Safety Policy for the conservation and protection of human and material resources and for the maintenance of healthful and controlled environments. This policy will be brought to the attention of all personnel, included in all appropriate manuals and distributed to all new employees during their initial orientation and training.Signatures of Dr. James M. Simmons and Dr. Robert Krienke