Section 2 - General Policies

 Policy Number: 2.21 - WORKPLACE VIOLENCE


Revised: 01/01/07

1. Policy: Lamar University is committed to the well-being of all is faculty, staff and students and to providing a safe work environment . Employees have a right to work in a professional, business-like atmosphere, free from physical attack, threats, intimidation, and menacing and harassing behaviors. It is Lamar University’s intention that employee communications and behaviors reflect high ethical standards. The University does not condone and expressly prohibits acts of violence against any individual on its premises. Nothing in this policy shall be construed as a waiver of the University’s constitutional and legal immunities and defenses.

2. Definitions:

2.1 Violence: Violence includes, but is not limited to, intimidating, threatening or hostile behavior, physical or verbal abuse, harassment, stalking, vandalism, arson, sabotage, use of weapons, possession of weapons on University property, the threat of any of the above, or any other act inconsistent with the University’s goal articulated in this policy.

2.2 Harassment: Pervasive behaviors that interfere with job performance or cause unnecessary discomfort, humiliation, or harm to another person. This includes the following examples: threats, gestures, or actions that are offensive and are not welcomed.

2.3 Threats: Threats are typically a first sign of potential violence. A threat is a communicated intent to inflict physical or mental harm on a person and/or property. A threat is the expression of a present or future intent to cause physical or mental harm. An expression constitutes a threat without regard to whether the party communicating has the present ability to do harm and without regard to whether the expression is contingent, conditional, or future.

3. Responsibilities:

It is Lamar University’s goal to maintain a safe environment free from violence, both on campus and at University sponsored events.

3.1. Supervisors, Directors/Chairpersons, and Administrators: The first line of responsibility for ensuring a violence free campus consists of directors and supervisors.

3.1.1 Directors/Chairpersons and supervisors are responsible for making their subordinates aware of this policy and the reporting mechanisms.

3.1.2 Directors/Chairpersons and supervisors have the additional responsibility to implement, maintain, and monitor compliance with this policy and to take immediate and appropriate corrective action as necessary. If necessary, this action should be taken in consultation with the Director of Human Resources and the Chief of Police.

3.1.3 It is the responsibility of the Chief of Police and the Director of Human Resources to insure that investigation and determination of facts is conducted in a way that is fair to all concerned.

3.2 Employees: It is the responsibility of all employees to maintain a work environment free of threats, intimidation and acts of violence. Each employee is expected to report circumstances that have the potential to threaten workplace safety especially when:

3.2.1 The act, behavior, or communication is abusive and could cause another person physical or psychological harm.

3.2.2 The act, behavior, or communication damages or has the potential to damage property.

3.2.3 The act, behavior, or communication interferes with an employee’s work performance.

3.3. Disciplinary Actions:

3.3.1 No individual will be disciplined, penalized or otherwise prejudiced for making a complaint or participating in an investigation of the complaint.

3.3.2 Any individual who knowingly makes false accusations; does not report violations of this policy; or otherwise fails to cooperate with or facilitate an investigation is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

3.3.3 Once a determination is made that violent behavior has occurred or would have occurred had the intervention not taken place, the individual(s) committing the behavior will be disciplined and/or criminal charges will be filed. Discipline will be determined by the supervisor and approved by the Director of Human Resources and if necessary by the Chief of Police. The level and type of discipline may include termination.


4.1. How to Report an Incident:

 4.1.1. Anyone can report an incident. All employees are responsible for reporting incidents of perceived violence or threats of violence.

4.1.2 Any employee who becomes aware of behavior or communication that may constitute a threat or act of violence not deemed to be of an immediate nature should contact his/her supervisor, chairperson/director, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Director of Human Resources, or the Chief of Police. This includes volatile situations occurring outside the workplace that have the potential to spill over into the workplace (for example: domestic violence). The supervisor, chairperson, or director must report the incident to his/her direct administrator and to either the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or the Director of Human Resources. All reported incidents will be investigated by either the supervisor or the Director of Human Resources and, when necessary, the Chief of Police. Whenever possible all reports will be handled with strict confidentiality.

4.2. Bodily Harm/Imminent Danger: In the event of imminent bodily harm, individuals should seek protective cover and call extension 8311 (Lamar University Police Department’s emergency number) as soon as possible.

4.3. Other Preventive Measures: Education on ways to prevent and avoid violence will be provided by the Police Department and the Department of Human Resources through written communication and training programs to employees and students.


The President or his designee has the right to remove a person from the University campus when the health and safety of the community so requires.