Section 1 - Purpose and Functions

Policy Number: 1.1


Revised: 10/01/03; 1/01/07

1. Purpose: This manual comprises the official Lamar University Human Resources policies. Many policies cover both faculty and staff; some include student employees. The SCOPE defines which employees are covered. There may be additional faculty policies which are beyond the scope of this manual.

This published manual is an effort to create better understanding of the policies of the University. It should enhance personnel decisions, protect the rights of all employees and assure uniformity of action throughout the University. Each member of management is responsible for administering these policies in a consistent and impartial manner.

Nothing in the Human Resources Policy Procedure Manual in any way creates an expressed or implied contract of employment. Employment is terminable at will so that both the University and its staff employees remain free to choose to terminate their work relationship at any time. Nor is this manual to be construed as a contract express or implied, for any purpose whatsoever. In the event of conflict between the provision(s) of this manual and The Texas State University System Rules and Regulations or other System policies, the System rules, regulations, and policies shall govern.

Policies in the field of Human Resources are subject to modification and further development in the light of experience. Policies in this manual are subject to review and change by the President without notice.

2. Distribution of Manual: This policy manual will be posted on the Internet at for employees, management and supervisory officials. In addition to the Internet, employees may review the manual in the Office of Human Resources or The Mary and John Gray Library. It is the responsibility of each employee to be familiar with the information contained in the policy manual and any amendments thereto. Texas State University System Rules and Regulations may be found on the University web site and in administrative offices.

3. Authority for Human Resource Policies: The personnel policies contained in this manual have been approved by the President under the authority delegated by the Board of Regents and are hereby established as official policy for Lamar University.

4. Establishing New or Revised Policies: Standard policies concerning the relationship between the University and its employees will be written and made available to all concerned through inclusion in the policy manual. The President may direct that the policy be issued and administered at his discretion.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for disseminating all new or revised personnel policies.