Section 2 - General Policies



Purpose: Employees with a nine month assignment may be eligible to spread their salary evenly over the 12 month fiscal year by completing the Salary Spread Election form. Once elected, the salary spread arrangement is irrevocable for the remainder of the fiscal year. It will remain in effect for future fiscal years until canceled or until the employee becomes ineligible. Nine month faculty and staff who do not elect the salary spread option will be paid over nine months.

Eligibility: To be eligible to elect salary spread, the following conditions must be met:

1. The employee must hold a regular, full-time, nine month appointment (Sept. 1 – May 31),

2. The election form must be received in Human Resources before the first official class day of the Fall semester, and

3. The employee’s position is not funded in any part by Restricted Funds.

Employees paid from restricted funds are not eligible to receive one-time-pays or overload assignments. Department Chairs are responsible for ensuring compliance.

Change in Status: In the event the employee no longer meets the requirements above or terminates employment, a full settlement of all reserved amounts will be paid to the employee. Taxes will be calculated based on the date paid which could result in a higher tax bracket for that pay period.

If the employee is removed from the salary spread due to ineligibility, it is up to the employee to re-elect salary spread for future fiscal years by completing a new form by the deadline.

Payroll Deductions: Normal payroll deductions will continue for all 12 paychecks including contributions to retirement and group insurance plans.

Employees not on salary spread and who do not have an appointment for all summer sessions must pay their insurance premiums for group insurance benefits to continue. Failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of coverage and require evidence to insurability to re-enroll.

Employees electing to be paid over nine months may request summer insurance premiums be withheld over April, May, and June paycheck, or in a lump sum on the June paycheck. This election may be made by contacting the Benefits Office in Human Resources.

Employees Electing Salary Spread are Subject to the Following:

1. It is the employee’s responsibility to review their pay each September (October 1) to ensure their request is in effect.

2. Any time an appointment is for less than nine months or there is a break in service, the salary spread request will be inactivated.

3. A salary spread request cannot be honored if the employee’s salary is being funded in part or in whole by Restricted Funds. If, anytime after a salary spread has been processed, the funding is changed in full or in part to restricted funds, the salary spread will be inactivated.

4. A salary spread request only applies to base pay and not to any salary supplement or overload.

5. The salary spread election cannot be changed during the 12 month period unless the employee’s assignment is terminated or the funding is changed to restricted funds. If the termination is submitted prior to August 31, the balance of the salary spread due will be paid off in one payment on the first available payroll following both the termination date and receipt of terminating paperwork in the Human Resources Department. The size of the payment could result in an inflated tax deduction.

6. To change the election, notification must be made prior to the first official class day of the Fall semester.

See Related Forms on the right-hand side of this page to download the Salary Spread Election form as a PDF.