Section 2 - General Policies


SCOPE: STAFF Issued: 3/10/06

1. Policy: Lamar University is committed to supporting the educational mission of the institution through the efficient recovery of services after an emergency.

2. Crisis Management Team:

The Crisis Management Team will be assembled should the President (or designee) determine the situation has had a potentially wide-ranging or long lasting effect. The team will consist of the following individuals:

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President for Finance and Operations
Vice President for Student Engagement
Vice President for University Advancement
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Associate Vice President for Information Technologies
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
Chief of Police
Director of Public Relations

The Crisis Management Team will designate the Key Essential Personnel.

Key Essential Personnel are employees who will be the first responders for the campus. They will be called upon to return to campus immediately following an emergency, or they will set up temporary operations at another site.

3. Compensation:

Employees who are designated as ―Key Essential Personnel will receive additional compensation as follows:

3.1 Non-exempt classified employees will be paid straight time for hours worked up to 40 hours and time and one-half for hours worked over 40 within the work week.

3.2 Exempt professional employees will be paid straight time for actual days/time worked.

3.3 Police Officers and other essential personnel may be paid for 24 hours a day when required to remain on campus.

4. Expenses:

Key Essential Personnel will receive reimbursement for lodging, meals, and mileage in accordance with the campus travel policies when required to travel to campus from their temporary living quarters. Any other reimbursable expense must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and the appropriate Vice President.